Shrag vs Tunabunny Tour Diary: Day 7

Day 7: One Giant Leap for Glasgow

29th February 2012

Jesse Vox
Bob: Glasgow is in yet another country so here’s hoping no one mentions how lovely the English are tonight. It’s also a long drive. At least two Marks and Spencers away.

En route we ponder a crossword clue. Someone who never shuts up [10]… Hmmm. ‘Mike Turner’ fits…

We arrive at the venue to learn that we actually played last night according to the listing sheet pinned to the building. Seems like this Leap Year Day fooled everyone. Once inside we immediately grab a menu and drool over it. Cooked food, however burgery, is the holy grail on tour. The venue is also showing the England game of soccerball. I doubt there will be Cardiff levels of interest in that one. Russell and I make an attempt to watch it but it looks dull and Stuart Pearce’s face is distressing us. And anyway the T-Buns are starting soon so we head downstairs to see them strut their stuff.

With Tunabunny every night is a unique artifact. I almost feel sorry for people who only see them once. Sure that one time is magical, but each night seems to be an excuse to tear up the set list and start again. Unlike Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates whereby the flavours and ingredients are clearly displayed on a handy pictorial insert, you really don’t know what you’re gonna get. There’s no safe option. No complacency. But lots of sweet, sweet tunes.

With Shrag’s set the unpredictable element for me is which string is going to break and in which song. But not tonight. I start and finish with the same amount of strings. John McKeown shows up, as does Shaun and Andy from Gargleblast. Andy produced our new record just down the road in Hamilton. It’s good to see him outside the pressure cooker of a recording environment. We have a drink and laugh a lot.

When the venue finally ejects us way past closing time I decide I want more. John and I go to Nice and Sleazy’s. It would have been weird to have been in Glasgow and not done that, but after two drinks it’s a (long?) walk back to John’s. He teaches me Marquee Moon on guitar and I go to sleep dreaming that I’m Tom Verlaine.

Helen: Old friends and surprises tonight. So pleased to see John McKeown and Andy Miller and Shaun etc., means a lot. Nadine is amazing, tolerant, has an impressive book collection which Scott and Brigette and I drool over and – bar Bob – the whole tour party sleep in her room and have a Snorchestra.

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